Withdrawal methods at online casinos

If you are signing up for the first time at a new online casino, you always want certain things to be clear. These include their online slots, customer service availability, and of course the different kinds of withdrawal methods. Although deposits are easier, withdrawals seem to be a bit tricky. However, just like depositing, you also want to make sure that your withdrawals are safe, easy, and fast. Here are some of the safest and the most used withdrawals methods at online casinos.


When it comes to withdrawing your money from online casinos the most important thing to think about is the safety of your earnings. Thankfully, e-wallets are one of the best methods to use. Some of them include Clickpay, Neteller, and Skrill.


Skrill is one of most popular e-wallets platforms. Apart from accepting and sending payments in 41 different currencies, it’s also very easy to manage. To use it, you only need to verify your transactions and credit card to allow your withdrawals to be processed faster.


As compared to others, what sets this method apart is that your sensitive information and bank account are held in trust. Since it only takes a few minutes to open an account, you will not experience any difficulties during the process. More so, some of the most popular and respected casinos usually accept it as one of the withdrawal methods. Being the most popular methods, many online casinos accept it.


This has also become one of the best withdrawal methods among online casino players. As compared to others, you can always use it in connection with your bank account, credit card, and other payment methods. By using the latest encryption technology, you don’t have to give any information that you think is sensitive. Once you have registered with the platform all your transactions will be started immediately. You can also set it up using any currency. Apart from the US players, it’s usually available at virtually all the other online casinos.


Just like the e-wallets, debit and credit cars are also some of the most popular withdrawal methods. The most popular ones are the Visa and the debit cards. As compared to Visa, MasterCard is not as commonly used. The only disadvantage of cards is that some banks and other financial institutions may not allow gambling transactions to be carried out using their MasterCard or visa.

Bank transfer

Just like others, this is also a very straightforward method of withdrawing funds from online casinos. To start using this method, you only need your bank details. The good thing is that you can always use this method to withdraw huge amounts of money. This is because it has higher levels of security protocols. Although bank transfer might take long, you can always speed up things once you pay some extra fee.

Wrap up

Well, those are some of the top withdrawal methods used at most online casinos. Although there are others, these are considered to be the best. While bank transfers are the slowest, they are considered as among the safest options